Our summer menu

Just to start

Selection of Chianti’s cold cuts and toasted bread with chicken livers pâté


Robiola cheese and tomato ravioli with peas and rosemary cream and cuttlefish


Amatriciana risotto (crispy bacon, onions and pecorino cheese)


Rabbit pâté with dried tomatoes, lettuce cream and parmesan cheese


Zucchini soup marjoram flavor with tomato ice cream, basil and crispy bread


Noodles with red prawns, roasted tomatoes, lemon, thyme with its bisque


Typical Tuscan soup with tomatoes, bread, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and basil


Tuscan beef tartare proposed by our chef


Salted codfish with chickpeas and bay cream and cornmeal mush


Ricotta cheese and spinaches gnudi, with sage, black pepper and truffle


Main course

Lamb ribs with lavender flavored celery cream and pan-fried chards


Florentine T-Bone beef steak with beans and roasted potatoes


Baked piglet with Jerusalem artichokes, sweet peppers with almonds


Grilled fresh cow cheese with vegetables carpaccio and lemon citronette


Sliced beef sirloin with herbs and pan-fried potatoes


Steamed red snaper, eggplant, broad beans, red turnips, black rice cream


Zuppa di patate, radicchio rosso, cosce di quaglia arrostite e sale affumicato


Selection of Italian cheeses with fruit jams, mustard flavoured fruit, honey and homemade bread

To finish in sweetness


Ricotta cheese cannolo, black cherries and chocolate


Almond Cantuccini with Vinsanto dessert wine


Pineapple and macaroon creme brûlée with green apple sorbet


Chocolate pie with pear and rosemary sorbet with white chocolate sauce


Cantuccini alle mandorle abbinati a un bicchiere di vin santo


Lemon parfait, with strawberries, lime and pistachio ice cream