The restaurant, “the homage” of Villa Barberino

A better book than this about the history of the food does not exist

Our restaurant “Il Tributo” was born in May 1991 and not by chance. Luciano Boni decided to go in with this project thank to his grandmother Attilia, as she cooked very well, like many housewives of that period.

The tradition of simple things, the recipes of roast meats, typical Tuscan sauces, lamb, salads, cakes were handed down to his daughter Aramissa who then passed them down to his son Luciano.


So, when Luciano had the chance in 1991, he founded this welcoming and elegant place, where people could taste traditional, but rethought with refinement, products.

Our restaurant will always combines tradition and innovation.


Our chef Simone Del Puglia who has a high-level experience in gourmet cooking, together with his brilliant commis Leonardo Ermini, work every day looking for new recipes in order to make the Tuscan cooking excellent.